We love photography, and the passionate people that produce it. NSEW Magazine was started as a way to highlight that passion. We choose 4 photographers semi-annually from different regions of the United States, giving them full reign over what is printed, as a means of showing how an environment affects one's art.

For photographers, the shrinking of print publications and the acceptance of digital media has led to a less tactile opportunity for exposure. As technology advances, there is a need for photographers to have tangible ways to show the work they so diligently and painstakingly create.

For lovers of photography, there are fewer print opportunities to be exposed to new and different work. NSEW exists to provide exposure on both sides, delivering a place for truly creative and innovative photographers to exhibit work, and for readers to have the chance to reflect on and appreciate photographs. 

NSEW magazine is a non-profit black and white magazine- all money made from sales of NSEW go to the next issue. Additionally, each Quarter, a different local charity is selected to receive any other profits made from sales of NSEW. We are based out of Tucson Arizona, and as much as possible, we utilize local artists and businesses to produce our magazine. Tucson has a rich photographic history- if you are ever passing through let us know- we'd love to show you around!

NSEW is edited and managed by Kent Chamness. 

Chris Schumacher is NSEW's copy editor.

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